In organisations with clearly defined values everyone feels like an important part of the team, which not only increases the employees' commitment, but also their efficiency. We help our clients create an organisation where employees can feel safe, they can identify with it and utilise their full potential.




The service covers a comprehensive analysis of the organisation's existing solutions and the diversity management system as a whole.

We offer a diagnosis of maturity of solutions adopted in the diversity & inclusion aspects, based on a comparison of solutions implemented in the organisation to the solutions used by market leaders. During the process, we identify certain categories of activities and tools or indicate gaps. We evaluate the progress of initiatives already undertaken by the company. We assess how comprehensive are the solutions in place in relation to the organisation's goals in the diversity & inclusion aspects. kategorie działań i narzędzi bądź wskazujemy luki. Oceniamy poziom zaawansowania podjętych inicjatyw. Zwracamy uwagę na kompletność stosowanych rozwiązań w odniesieniu do celów organizacji w zakresie diversity & inclusion.



The service covers development of a comprehensive approach to diversity management in the organisation.

During the process, in which we engage a broad group of employees, we identify key diversity aspects for a given organisation. We define goals to be achieved and tasks to be implemented. We take into account the market context, including social and regulatory conditions, as well as the experiences and best practices of other companies and organisations. We define measurable ratios to be attained and the method of measuring and reporting the results related to the strategy implementation.




The service covers review of ethical solutions implemented by the organisation.

We conduct comprehensive reviews of ethical systems in terms of their completeness, the level of advancement of individual solutions and the adequacy of tools used versus the organisation’s needs. We also check whether the employees are aware of the ethical system in place and what are the available solutions within the whistleblowing system as well as how efficient they are.



The service covers the development of a comprehensive ethical system in the organisation.

We prepare appropriate basic documents such as a code of ethics, as well as supporting procedures and process descriptions. We design necessary tools, such as the whistleblowing system, and we support our clients in communicating the solutions to the employees and in their education. We plan the process of managing and reporting ethical issues in the organisation.

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